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igControl is a new company founded by an experienced team, from the world of packaging, automotive and robotics.


This project was born from the intention of adapting new technologies to industrial equipment.


igControl is a creative company capable of developing its own technology, hardware, firmware and software, aimed at providing the final solutions, evaluated with the perspective of 20 years of experience in the industrial world.

Industry 4.0

The new technologies modified our way of life and communication. Today it is normal to know at any time where our friends are and see what they are doing. When the technology of social networks is applied to the industry, the same thing happens.


Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge, since the same connectivity and access to machinery is achieved through any device (whether a mobile phone, computer or tablet) from anywhere in the world, just as easy to access our LinkedIn profile.


Wireless devices connected by network have become the daily tool to track processes, where remote operators can take action if necessary.


Through the Internet, you will be in continuous contact with the production line, you can monitor it, provide consumables orders, detect alarms, watch video cameras, obtain statistics and visualize production data in real time.



Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the development of electronic products, hardware, firmware and software for industrial machinery for leading companies around the world.


igControl has created an operating system to integrate all the machinery of your factory in a single application, on a mobile device and from anywhere in the world.


We offer the best solution to all your needs, the design of the machinery, coordinate the production process, lead the installation of the line and manage the technical service.



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Collet 6, C, 3

08860 Castelldefels

Barcelona, Spain.

+34 936 240 920

+34 693 720 536

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